The timeperiod after Merlin was a fractured one. The courts of Chaos were often at war with Amber, the third pattern, spikards, and most importantly, the spectral others, all created an instability which threatens to consume all that is “Everbe.” Travel and communication through the shadow is uncertain at best. Travellers are often trapped for long time spans, awaiting an opening to depart. Calling the power of the Logrus or the Pattern is more difficult than times past, and can be life threatening.

Into this time of calamity, trusted kin are chosen to resolve the disruptions, to reset the instabilities, and the hand of fate itself will be redealt so that the chosen few may seek to forestall or mend the progress to nothingness.

This is an Amber DRPG game, set in the time of Zelazney only cannon. The following is expected:

1) Only hand selected people, who are super cool and welcomed by invitation, can play.

2) Expect it to be fun, for there to be story telling by all parties, and for the characters to be challenged and grow. There are no “one-shots” here. If you choose to side with Corwyn, you will gain the enemity of Brand, if you choose the Courts of Chaos, you will not be welcome in Amber.

3) The whole purpose is to have fun. If the game stops being fun, we need to reset and resolve the reasons for it. We cannot afford to devote 2-4 hours to a game that ends up being a negative experience for all of us.

4) Everyone makes mistakes. The storyteller will make mistakes, the players will make mistakes. Feel free to step in and ask questions, but ultimately, the player or storyteller will make the final decision.

5) There will be food! Food is a pleasure that Amberites enjoy. We will too.

6) This game is rated M for mature. No one under 18 allowed, and alcohol will be present.

7) There is no seven!

Character Creation Rules-

Main Amber Rulebook -

Shadow Knight Rule Supplement -

Partial Powers, are allowed on a case by case basis. Point costs on some powers, like Logrus tendrils, will be increased. Send GM a note to determine the new point cost.

Partial Powers 1 Partial Powers 2

Character Creation (Mostly from “By Design” site)

I expect character creation to be a two way process between us with the final character sheet containing a good background story, your characters motivations, likes, dislikes, aspirations and any other useful information. The more effort you put into your background, the more I’ll have to work with during the game and the more you’ll enjoy it! So, feel free to send me incomplete ideas or ask for advice and guidance.


The characters, are knowingly or unknowingly, younger Amberites. Chaosian, Demon, Shadow or other heritage is a possibility although you will need to sell your your idea to me first and don’t be disappointed if I turn you down.

To have an Amberite parent you either need to take Pattern or have an Amber Devotee (or Both!) Suggesting a possible parent would be useful although I may offer alternate suggestions that better fit the game concept. Elders may have different personalities, agendas, skill sets etc, to what you believe!

History and Background

Please insure that you include detail covering such things as where your character grew up, if he or she has spent any time in Amber, Rebma or out in shadow. Also good to include would be where and how you may have learnt your skills, made friends or found artefacts of interest.

While I am pretty flexible, certain events must take place and if your background contradicts these events, we can negotiate alternatives.


I’d like to know what makes you tick. This could mean describing to me how you’d react in certain situations, how you might right to moral dilemmas, how you interact with other be they superior to you, inferior to you, or your peers, what your life goals are, or what you like and dislike.


Characters are based on 100 points. Points can be spent on powers, attributes, artefacts, or be can be saved for later use. In addition, you can provide a character background worth at least +9 points (described below), a character portrait for +3 points, complete a character questionnaire worth +3 points, and build a character encyclopaedia worth +5 points. This gives you a total of 120 points.

Additional contributions can be made to increase your starting points to 140. Further contributions and the upkeep of existing contributions will affect advancement.


There will be an attribute auction. Your ‘rank’ in an attribute is relative only to your peers.

Attributes below Chaos level will be considered a significant disadvantage, almost a disability in the eyes of other Amberites.

Human or Chaos level attributes will get you killed in many circumstances, here are some examples:

Psyche – You will be unable to withstand the concepts and contradictions of Chaos and Pattern and may go insane or become enslaved. You will be open to psychic attach, possession, control, etc.. You may be unable to gain certain powers. Sorcery and Power Words require at least Chaos level Psyche, and advanced powers require Amber or above level attributes.

Endurance – You will be injured, comatose, or worse from the dangerous environments, splash damage from magic and physical attacks, will be unable to finish fights even with superior warfare, unable to use long term magic or pattern powers, and may operate at half attributes or lower while injured. Pattern powers require an Amber level endurance, Logrus requires Chaos level endurance, and advanced powers require ranked and Amber respectively.

Warfare – You will be unable to withstand a simple duel, dodge attacks, or provide adequate support to your companions. You must have an equivalent level of attribute (C/A/Ranked) to support a friend, otherwise you will interfere and lower their ability. You will lose fights automatically if you are human or Chaos to a ranked amberite, and a base Amber requires assistance to contend with a ranked Amberite.

Strength – You require a certain strength to use powers. When you use a power against another with the same power, a contest of strength occurs, and the higher strength ranking will win. In addition, hand to hand combat, grappling, and the power of attacks are linked to strength. If you have a Human or Chaos level strength, your sorceries and powers can be ignore or dispelled by an amberite strength backed power. Similarly, two logrus masters with ranked stats will, all things being equal, have the contest determined by strength rating.

A note on Psychic contests- You may not engage in a psychic contest unless the other party assents, or through a warfare or endurance challenge you capture their eyes. The equivalent of a soulgaze is needed to enter a contest without trumps, confinement, drugs, or an item. Simple touching or looking at the other party is not enough, unless they are Human level psyche.


The powers available are those in the books.

If you do decide to purchase powers, please be aware that I expect to negotiate how and when you gained your abilities, and who your teachers where.


Amber trump decks may be purchased if you have a reasonable reason to have gotten one. A complete Amber deck includes trumps of all of the elders those who are missing, and a trump of the courtyard outside the Great Hall in Amber. Trump decks must be actually created by the player and brought to the games. I will provide the first set of trumps to players.

Trump Artists may create their own trump decks.

Other artefacts need to be seen to be ‘important’ to you, something you could not do without and something you’d search for if you lost. Please feel free to discuss any items you’d like with me.


The standard sets of allies are available. If you have someone in mind, please contact me and we can discuss them.


You can have “Stuff”, but “stuff” gets used on a per game basis, you will be given poker chips to represent your stuff, which will be taken by the GM when used.


The following is by no means a complete list of the contributions I will consider for the game. Please free free to contact me with ideas for additional contributions and we can negotiate a price!

■Character Background: A once-off contribution, you receive +1 point per 100 words of background submitted, to a maximum of 25 points.

■Encyclopaedia: You get +5 points for the initial layout. The Encyclopaedia is the page on Obsidian portal used to keep track of places you have visited, people you met and things they have done or experienced. Note that this is from the character’s perspective. Additional points will be awarded for continued upkeep.

■Character Portrait: You receive +3 points for a suitable trump portrait of your character.

Trump Deck- If you bring one printed out with names and pictures, at character creation or afterwards, you will get it for 1/2 the normal point purchase.

■Character Questionnaire: You receive +3 points for the completion of your character questionnaire. (From the rules book)

■Trump contributions: Picture trumps of people, locations and items in the game are worth +1 points each. Converted and framed pictures are worth +2 points each. And Hand Crafted trumps are with +3 points. You do not have to have the Trump powers to contribute in this way.

■Creative Writing: A short story, poem or other creative writing regarding your character or their exploits, is worth a variable number of points.

■Gazette Posts: Similar to short stories, these are posts regarding events as the ‘normal’ people will see them and will often take the form of newspaper posts or rumours. Please ensure they are characterful and appropriately inaccurate and sensational!

■Maps: Maps of Amber, Castle Amber, Arden, Chaos, and other locations are always welcome and worth a variable number of points. Note that I’d require input into these creations!

■Game Encyclopaedia: Contributions to the game encyclopaedia are also welcome but must be based on references from the canon. Please also ensure you reference the canon you used and note that I may disallow certain posts if I feel that run counter to the information available about the background. I would suggest chatting with me prior to work being done in this area.

Circles of Faith

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